In the past few years, pen and touch enabled tablet computers have been changing the face of education. Since 2006, The Workshop on the Impact of Pen and Touch Technology in Education (WIPTTE) has been part of making this revolution happen by bringing together educators and students, researchers, developers, manufacturers and decision makers to look at and experience the current and coming state of the art around these technologies. WIPTTE is unique in bringing such a diverse group together to interact and share research, experiences tools, lessons learned and ideas for future directions.

We are in perhaps the most exciting and demanding era of education change. These changes include entirely new interfaces for expression and communication; pen and touch computing are among these new interfaces. WIPTTE 2015 featured applications and research that are integral to realizing the promising and often extraordinary advances in learn and education.

Applications of ink-based computing -- such as those from current tablet and surface computing devices -- have demonstrated several advantages over traditional keyboard/mouse interfaces for promoting student learning and effective educational practice. These applications motivate a new landscape for such interfaces to alter the use of technology for enabling effective collaboration and learning experiences. WIPTTE 2016 provides an excellent opportunity to present and share innovative applications and research. The conference is intended to leverage a shared passion for the potential educational use of pen and touch-based computing, such that educators and researchers alike may benefit from and contribute to new emerging interfaces.

WIPPTE will include a diverse set of enriching experiences including academic and practicum talks and tutorials, research tours, grant and networking breakout sessions, and social events. WIPTTE 2016 will be held in in Providence, RI at Brown University.


The beauty of WIPTTE is in the multicontextual diversity of the attendees. As opposed to standard conferences that focus on a single type of clientele, WIPTTE has a wide variety of participants that bring an array of different types know knowledge together. Past attendees include:

  • Professors, Grad Researchers, Academic Deans, PhD Students, Librarian Academic Technology, Educational Technologists, Associate Deans, IT Directors, Instructional Technologists, Help Desk Directors
  • Middle and High School Students, Lower School Tech Facilitators, Ed Tech Facilitator/Math Teacher, Teacher/Languages Dept. Cochair, Director of the Upper School, K-12
  • Teachers, Director of Technology & Library Services, Math Department Chair, Math Science Resource Center Director
  • Scientists, Project Coordinators, Senior Engineers, Sales Director, IT Managers, Research Software Design Engineers,Editor, Client Executive, Technology Analysts, Systems Engineers
2015 Conference Organizers

Mark Payton
Director of Technology
Whitfield School

Site Chair

Dr. Jonathan Grudin
Principal Researcher


Program Committee

Dr. Aaron Adler
BBN Technologies



Sponsor Chair

Dr. Jane Dong, PhD
Professor, Department of Eletrical and Computer Engineering
College of Engineering
California State University, Los Angeles


Ex Officio (Former Chair)

Dr. Eric Hamilton, PhD
Joint Appointment in Mathematics
Graduate School of Education and Psychology
Pepperdine University


Ex Officio (Former Chair) Dr. Tracy A. Hammond, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Director, Sketch Recognition Laboratory
Dwight Look College of Engineering
Texas A&M University

Ex Officio (Former Chair) Dr. Joseph Tront
Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering
359 Durham Hall
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0111
Voice: 540-231-5067
Fax: 540-231-3362