CPTTE (formerly WIPTTE) 2016 Keynote Speakers: To Be Announced



Previous Keynote Speakers for WIPTTE 2015

Sharon Oviatt
President and Director
Incaa Designs Nonprofit

Computer Interfaces Can Stimulate or Undermine Students' Ability to Think

Pam Mueller
Social Psychology Researcher
Princeton University

The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard

Anthony Salcito
Vice President
Microsoft Worldwide Education
Richard Anderson
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
University of Washington

Reflections on Classroom Presenter


WIPTTE 2015 Sponsor Talks:

  • Sierra Modro — Creating the Future of Ink
  • Vineet Thuvara and Daryl Wilson  —Surface Pro Digital Pen Design
  • Anoop Gupta — Office Mix
  • Chris Pratley — Sway: Modern Content for Modern Devices
  • Mike Tholfsen — OneNote: New Developments
  • Steven Drucker and David Brown — Microsoft Research Demos on Surface



Previous Keynote Speakers for WIPTTE 2014

Barbara Tversky 
Professor of Psychology and Education
Columbia University

Thinking with Hands

Randall Davis
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering,
Massachussetts Institute of Technology 

Pen-Based Interaction in the Classroom and The Clinic

Olya Veselova
Program Manager,
OneNote, Microsoft,

Perspectives on Microsoft OneNote and Education



Previous Keynote Speakers from WIPTTE 2013

Ken Hinckley
Principal Researcher
Microsoft Research
Andries van Dam
Professor of Technology, Education, & Computer Science
Brown University
Ken Forbus
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Northwestern University