All events will take place on Brown University's campus unless indicated otherwise.

The 2016 CPTTE Program will be packed with paper presentations, panels, keynotes, sponsor talks, and You-Try-Its where you can try out software for yourself. The keynote talks will be given by Rob Baker, Tracy Hammond, and Jeff Han. You-Try-Its will include software tools for media making, shared visual representations, sketch worksheets for spatial learning, and Mechanix, a truss and free body diagram tutoring system.

Papers cover topics such as One Note usage in classrooms, shared workspace collaboration, analysis of interactions with pen and touch interfaces, language learning, and real time assessments. The papers address tools for young learners, elementary and middle school students, high school students, and beyond. The domains addressed are equally diverse, including digital circuits, graphs, flash cards, food chemistry, geographic information systems, and children's stories.

The sponsor talks promise to be exciting as the community hears the latest from Wacom, OneNote, Surface, and Microsoft Research.

Papers to be presented at CPTTE 2016 include:

  • Collaborative Spaces: OneNote in the Middle School Classroom
    Sara Mata, Whitfield School
  • DataSketch: A Tool to Turn Student Sketches into Data-Driven Visualizations
    Michelle Wilkerson
  • DCSR: A Digital Circuit Sketch Recognition System for Education
    Shuo Ma, Yongbin Sun, Pengchen Lyu, Seth Polsley and Tracy Hammond
  • Design Considerations for a Large Display Touch Application in Informal Education
    Lucy Van Kleunen, Brown University
  • Digitizing Mathematical Symbolism through Pen and Touch Technology: A Beginning Taxonomy of Affordances for Learner Flow in Mathematics
    Eric Hamilton
  • Does Neatness Count? What The Organization Of Student Work Says About Understanding
    Timothy Van Arsdale and Thomas Stahovich
  • Enabling data mining of handwritten coursework
    Thomas Stahovich and Hanlung Lin
  • The Fundamental Issues of Pen-Based Interaction with Tablet Devices
    Michelle Annett
  • Insights from Exploration of Engaging Technologies to Teach Reading and Writing: Story Baker
    Michel Pahud, Microsoft Research
  • An Intelligent Sketching Interface for Education using Geographic Information Systems
    Aqib Bhat, Christy Maria Mathew, Girish Kasiviswanathan, Seth Polsley and Tracy Hammond
  • Making Mathematical Thinking Visible: Analyzing Elementary Math Students' Interactions with Pen-based Digital Tools
    Kimberle Koile, MIT; Andee Rubin, TERC; Steven Chapman
  • A Multilingual Sketch-based Sudoku Game with Real-time Recognition
    Caio Duarte Diniz Monteiro, Meenakshi Narayanan, Seth Polsley and Tracy Hammond
  • Personalizing Student Learning Using the MyEduDecks Application through Teacher Supervision and Peer-to-Peer networks in a Middle School 1-to-1 Laptop Environment
    Samuel Cohen
  • Score Improvement Distribution When Using Sketch Recognition Software (Mechanix) as a Tutor: Assessment of High School Classroom Pilot
    Randy Brooks, Tracy Hammond, Jung-In Koh, Texas A&M
  • Sketch based interaction techniques for chart creation and manipulation
    Andres Vargas, Eugene Taranta, Joseph Laviola, University of Central Florida
  • Sketching Graphs in a Calculus MOOC: Preliminary Results
    Jennifer French, Martin Segado and Phillip Ai
  • Tablet PC Goal-Directed Practice Coupled with Real-Time Targeted Feedback Enhances Food Chemistry Learning
    Enrique Palou, Judith Virginia Gutierrez Cuba, Nelly Ramirez-Corona, Aurelio Lopez-Malo, Universidad de las Americas Puebla
  • TouchCounts: A Gestural Approach to Early Number Learning
    Nicholas Jackiw and Nathalie Sinclair

You-Try-Its to be presented at CPTTE 2016 include:

  • Classroom Learning Partner: Pen-Based Software for Creating and Sharing Visual Representations
    Kimberle Koile, Andee Rubin, Steven Chapman and Lily Ko
  • Experience Pen Input and Video Editing in Educational Media Making
    Hiroo Kato, Debra Chittur and Eric Hamilton
  • Mechanix Vector Analysis Deployment in High School
    Randy Brooks and Tracy Hammond
  • NuSys: Collaborative Insight Extraction on Shared Workspaces
    Philipp Eichmann
  • Sketch Worksheets
    Kenneth Forbus, Madeline Usher and Maria Chang

The final schedule will be available soon.  Each day's program will begin at 9:00am.  On Thursday, March 31st we will have an evening Poster Reception & Dinner.  There will also be a social event on the evening of Friday, April 1st.

While the CPTTE (formerly WIPTTE) 2016 Program is in the planning stages, you may be interested in viewing the schedule of events from WIPTTE 2015.